Silk Personalised Robes

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A gorgeous addition to your wedding morning!

PLEASE NOTE - Size guide is slightly incorrect. Ladies S/M is size 6-10, not size 6-12.

Customise your robes with what you would like on them and choose you own font.

Sizes given are a recommendation only - please see size chart for actual Robe measurements (please allow approx. 15cm for crossover in front for Ladies sizes & 10cm for Children's sizes)

Robes are ordered from my supplier every couple of weeks or more often if I have lots of orders. Turn around time is approx. 3 weeks. If you need a rush order, please contact me at

If you order robes from supplier 1 as well as supplier 2, I will hold off shipping your order until all stock has arrived. Supplier 2 can be up to a 3 month turn around.